World First Backpack Laser

Announcing the launch of the first real fully mobile cleaning laser unit in the world. The ‘Backpack’ laser is a low cost, portable, battery powered solution for gentle cleaning for restoration, conservation and industry, manufactured by Clean Laser Systems in Herzogenrath (close to Aachen) , Germany.


The ultra compact unit is the first real fully mobile cleaning laser unit in the world. Available in mains versions or rechargeable battery powered, the laser unit consists of an air cooled "state of the art" diode pumped laser with an excellent laser beam quality and an ultra small focus.


Developed in response to a growing demand for a low cost, portable cleaning laser, the innovative laser cleaning system combines power and versatility, with the lowest operating cost of all industrial cleaning methods. It offers a safe cleaning method and is environmentally friendly, using no water or chemicals and producing no effluent, as well as being small, light and fully portable.


The ‘Backpack’ laser is suitable for industrial cleaning and surface treatment, renovation and paint removal applications, as well as removing contaminants, production residue and coatings without damaging the substrate. The laser is also ideal for restoration and conservation, including façade restoration, architectural and sculpture conservation and monument and artefact cleaning.


Operating costs are low compared to other cleaning methods with extremely low running costs (circa € 0.3 Euro per hour).


With great interest from leading companies and governments throughout the world, the ‘Backpack’ lasers are available in portable or stationary versions, and special designs are also available.


Dave Adams, the technical director of CIProcess, reports "The ‘Backpack’ laser is the most exciting development in cleaning lasers for many years. We believe that we have made a great advance in laser cleaning technology, making it more accessible due to the low price of the units and the portability.”


The lasers direct a high precision programmable scanning beam onto the cleaning surface, which reflects laser energy. Any contaminants on the surface absorb the laser energy and are quickly vaporized, with any fumes or particulates removed by an in-built filter. This gentle cleaning method avoids the erosion and abrasion that normally occurs with most other cleaning methods.


A new addition, the ‘Backpack’ lasers compliment the established range of laser cleaning systems, which are used in conservation, restoration, automobile, aerospace, pharmaceutical, bakery, food and electronics and many other fields.


The new lasers are coming to the UK in November to carry out demonstrations around the country. With demonstrations in some major Universities and industrial facilities, we invite any interested parties to contact us to arrange bookings. We expect and influx of new applications and clients are invited to discuss their applications and submit their products and processes for testing in Cleanlaser’s laboratories.